Thursday, June 16, 2011

exciting days

The last couple days have been pretty exciting for me. Thanks to the MBA director at school we decided to put on a release party for Drop Site on campus. In anticipation of the event the local paper was tipped-off, so I was interviewed and ended up on the front page yesterday. It was pretty neat to walk past the newspaper kiosk and see a big picture of the cards for Drop Site on the front! The result was a boost of about 300 hits at, where I'm selling the game.

The release party was held today, and, again, the media was involved. Two different camera people were there representing two different news stations. The event was a big success. Thanks to the news article on the day prior, many people from the local community came by just to buy the game. A highlight for me was probably talking to a dad and his two sons, one of whom has designed several games himself.

Sara also made a terrific looking cake that looked like a crate of aid from the game. Overall we sold about 30 copies of the game and made several contacts with people who love games. At 5, the local news aired and both stations ran the Drop Site release story as one of the top stories. Both did a pretty decent job with it, although I did not sound very articulate for the camera. Still, very exciting, fun and a unique experience.

Pictures coming soon!

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